The Company

Tate Technology, LLC™ (“Tate,” or the “Company”) is a sports safety technology “think-tank” licensing business, with two filed patents at the US Patent & Trademark Office, as well as the PCT, and is in process with third, fourth, and fifth patents.

The first patent has six patents within the patent, and the Company’s first developed intellectual property is the “Coil Sports Safety Technology™,” which is applicable to all sports safety helmets, protective gear, military, construction, police, and riot helmets, as well as for skis, snowboards, and beyond.

Tate Technology™, LLC successfully tested the “Coil Sports Safety Technology™” at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, a NOCSAE-rated facility, using carbon fiber helmets.

Tate continues with ongoing testing, which commenced in Tate’s own fabrication and NOCSAE test facility effective March 30, 2014.  Tate successfully tested multiple test rounds through 2014-2015 with statistically significant results.

Execution of agreements with prospective testing and licensing “partners” will help to accelerate the process to bring the Company’s technology to the market.

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