Tate Technology, LLC™ developed “IP” with proposed patented designs in “energy attenuation” for sports safety equipment using mechanical energy transfer and displacement at the point of “compression” into the network of interconnected coils or rings contained in the helmet shell. Tate also filed patent pending multiple new technologies for neck protection, face guards, liner systems, ear ports, monolithic helmet design, receiving channel, anti-counterfeiting, and more patents being written in liner systems, neck protection, and face guards.  Please see below:

Intellectual Property Portfolio (*6 patents awarded April 19th – under U.S. Patent No. 9,314,060)

1. U.S.Patent No. 9,314,060*(USPTO issued Issue Notice for 4.19.2016) “Advanced Concussion Technology™,” *Coil Material Science (“MS”) & *Helmet “MS.”
2. Patent Pending Magnetic Liner System.
3. Patent pending faceguard using “Advanced Concussion Technology™.”
4. Patent pending monolithic helmet design.
5. & 6.) * U.S.Patent No. 9,314,060 liner system(s) design(s).
7. * U.S.Patent No. 9,314,060ear ports.
8. Patent pending “Balaclava Aspirated Sports Safety Hood.”
9. * U.S.Patent No. 9,314,060faceguard “Receiving Channel.”
10. Patent pending “Anti-Counterfeiting.”
11. * U.S.Patent No. 9,314,060durability indicator.
12. Patent pending soccer headwear system(s).  Testing achieved 50% g-force reduction and 70% SI reduction.
13. Patent pending neck gaiter protection system.
14. Patent pending non-Newtonian liner system – adding to current “padded” liners.


Tate Technology, LLC’S first 6 patents will issue under U.S. Patent No. 9,314,060 on April 19, 2016. ENHANCED RECOIL ATTENUATING SAFETY HELMET, 2 liner systems, ear ports, faceguard receiving channel, durability indicator, material science for the coils and for helmet shells.

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