About Toggle

Tate Technology, LLC™ was founded as a technology think-tank licensing company with multiple filed patents, along with more patents being written – all specific to sports safety technology. “Coil Sports Safety Technology™” addresses impact force at the point of “compression” versus at “tension” where liner systems reside, and since our family sold Riddell in 1976, the manufacturers pursued “material science” predominantly in the liners to try to reduce linear and rotational concussive forces. Material science, whether it is carbon fiber, Kevlar, foam, air, fluid displacement “cushion,” “absorb,” but do not energy attenuate – neither the core molecular structure or chemical composition, nor base physics of these materials structurally accommodates energy attenuation.

The coil process works to “energy attenuate” in a multidimensional, structural  “coil” “ring” system using enhanced impact reflection and other control characteristics, and the mechanism primarily is “dissipation” then “attenuation” of the impact energy waveform through “waveform mediation. This is accomplished by mechanical energy transfer from the bulk filler material (i.e. the helmet shell) into the network of interconnected rings, which are mechanically correlated/embedded in the helmet shell itself transforming compression into “rarefaction” in the system of rings. The “coils,” continuously linked as a contiguous unit, or as concentric rings, are designed to transfer and dissipate the small to significant impact energy waveforms.

Each time the impact energy waveform makes a revolution through the “coils” the energy reduces and reflects, “splashing” against itself, as well as spreading uniformly into the adjoining coil channels into all dimensions. Put simply, the energy waveform, instead of moving straight through the helmet shell and liner systems directly into the skull, brain and neck, is redirected from point of impact (compression) into the coils, which are perpendicular to the incident blow, and into what is called “rarefaction,” thereby dissipating and attenuating the energy waveform.

Tate Technology tested at a major NOCSAE facility extremely successfully for proof of concept, is in process with testing lay-up and cast helmets in our labs, and as a result, is in meetings with major helmet and protective gear manufacturers to ultimately bring the technology to the market.

“Coil Sports Safety Technology™” is applicable across all sports safety equipment from helmets to protective gear, as well as for military, police, riot, and construction helmets. We are also looking at use in skis, snowboards, and beyond.

Our technology theory is based upon ringforcement currently used in bridge tresses, as well as the 100% compression dissipation and energy attenuating design built to protect the submarine bunkers.